The SHARE programme ran from October 2018-March 2019

“Our Practice, Our Problem, Our Solution” was a NIMDTA funded programme offered to all GP practices in NI, and delivered by NIMDTA. It offered practices the opportunity to identify and share a problem, and consider ways to solve it.

Had you ever thought…

“What if I had time to change one thing in the practice that would make things better for me, my colleagues, and my patients?”

Most agree that time does not currently exist. The constant reminders of the need to be more efficient and productive often result in us feeling worse about the job we do.

What if you did get that time?

Are you bombarded with a never-ending list of “repeats” to re-authorise, or with “missing script” requests? Do you struggle with the demand for house calls? Have you tried to free up phone access without success? Is your treatment room overwhelmed with demand? The list of clinical and administrative problems is endless.

The 6-session programme gave practice teams the help and support (and funded protected time), to talk about and plan a change that would make their surgery day just a little bit less demanding.

Help and advice was available from GPs and practice managers working in NI who knew exactly how hard it is to see beyond the huge workload. They also knew how tough it can be to encourage weary colleagues and staff to get involved.

A mentor was available to guide through Quality Improvement techniques and offer ideas about what had worked for them

Watch the videos below to hear what 2 local GPs thought of the experience.

It had been hoped to run a further SHARE programme in 2020-21 through FSU but this was put on hold due to the pandemic

You can find more information on the previous programme at the link below