QI Projects

How do I start a Quality Improvement project?

Can you think of any areas for improvement in your workplace? QI can only succeed when we work as a team, together with our patients, using a systematic approach.

You can make improvements whether you are involved with direct patient care, or work within primary care in other ways.

The first step is to have an initial idea or concern. The next move is to share your thoughts with those working around you, and agree how you will proceed. This becomes your project.

You will find here a broad range of projects completed within GP primary care across Northern Ireland. These projects have been submitted by a variety of members of the team eg.Practice Manager, GP, GP Specialty Trainee, Practice Based Pharmacist.

if you are new to QI please don’t be afraid to share your project. Everyone is on a learning journey, and we can encourage each other by talking about what we have attempted. Sometimes we learn more by what doesn’t work, than what does!

The projects can be viewed under 5 category headings. There is also a separate EQUIP category which allows these NIMDTA projects to be viewed in one location. You may also choose to use the search box below to find a particular topic of interest.

We would love to hear about your QI work. If you want to share a project you have been involved with, please click on this link and tell us more about it.


Project Category Descriptions
Clinical Care

Projects where focus has been on patients with specific clinical conditions and their management.


Projects focus on specific drug prescribing or monitoring.


Projects focusing on appointment systems, telephone triage and remote consulting, DNA management, treatment room and practice nurse availability.


Workflow management including lab results, documents, read coding, staff tasks, signposting/care navigation.


Between doctors, within admin team, with patients, across whole team. Use of technology, websites, text messaging.

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